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Currency Exchange LED Sign

Currency Exchange LED Sign

Product introduction |

Currency Exchange LED Panel can display date and time with built-in time clock and the customised exchange rate currencies as you required.

Cabinet Material: Currency Exchange LED Sign is made by aluminum material cabinet with light clear filter acrylic panel 2mm with printing film.

Application:Currency Exchange LED Sign is widely used in the exchange currency stores in the airport and city street.

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Reliable Exchange Currency Sign

This LED currency sign is made by light clear fliter acrylic panel, 2mm with printing film. The country flag and currency lable can be removed according to your application. Incorporated a scrolling moving message sign for displaying additional information or advertising to your customers. 3mm Non-reflective acrylic lens on the cover of the LED sign. Rates and moving tests can be controlled by the PC or your remote controller.

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Customised Dimensions

This currecny LED sign can be designed and made to different dimensions according to your project requirement. The screen will display the date and time with built-in real time clock. 6 high definition digits x 1.0'' (25mm) high per field. Durable and stable aluminium alloy frames are utilised for this LED sign. Backup memory to keep the latest exchange rates when the power failed. It is very safe to use.

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Attract Visitors

LED signage can help exchange stores succeed in their two main goals. One is attracing more visitors from the traffic to be their stores of choice. And, another is driving traffic from the visitors into the store for added sales. The sign will be operated silently and it just generated very minimal heat. It will allow you to change the exchange rate by IR remote controller or by PC interface control.

Product Parameters

Layout10 lines * 1 row (Customizable)
Dimension700mm x 1000mm x 75mm (Customised)
ColourRed / Green / Blue / Yellow / White / RGB
MaterialAluminum + Acrylic
Viewing Angle-60 degree to +60 degree
Display Area30mm (W) x 45mm (H)
Input VoltageDC 5V
Output VoltageAC110 - 240V
Current47 / 64 Hz
Power Consumption100W
Driving ModeStatic
Viewing Distance2 - 50 m
ControlIR Remote and Wireless Controller
Weight< 21 KGS
Working Temperature
- 40 degree to +65 degree
Working Humidity
5% ~ 95% RH
InstallationHanging up or wall-mounting (Customised)
LifespanOver 100,000 hours
2 Years

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