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Transparent P3.91-7.81

P3.91-7.81 Transparent LED Screen

Product introduction |

With a brand-new module and diode design, T1 has tremendously improved transparency of 85%, it makes images or videos just like magically pop up in the air. High transparency of T1 provides infinite possibilities for creative display and space creation. Aluminium alloy cabinet and high brightness also makes T1 much more fitting and workable in various environments.

Cabinet Material:To avoid collisions from the outside environment, KENSUN designed an acrylic surface to protect the transparent car back window LED display.The energy-saving driven IC integrated to achieve lower power consumption.

Application:It is widely applied in building glass, shop windows, car showrooms, etc.

T 960 1.jpg

1. High-strength and stable cabinet

Cabinets are finished with module extrusion, result in precise and consistent cabinet architecture, its accuracy is up to 0.05mm after CNC processing, also, T1 is also made of anti-corrosion material, making it more durable and stable.

T 960 2.jpg

2. Thin and Light

With a brand-new aluminium structure design, T1 weighs only 7kg per cabinet measures only 62mm thick, a new level of thin and light cabinet.

T 960 3.jpg

3. High Brightness over 5,000 nits

As an indoor product,T1 transparent LED display is designed with an amazing brightness of 5000 nits and featuring a high gray scale of 14 bit, bringing an amazing and vibrant visual experience.

T 960 4.jpg

4. Industry leading transparency

To tremendously improve transparency and least compromise indoor lighting, T1 is made of fine material and brand new module and cabinet design, bringing cabinet transparency up to 85%.

T 960 5.jpg

5. Two ways of service

T1 series provides two options of access based on your installation, fully accessible from rear or module accessible from front and power or controller accessible from rear, make it more convenient and flexible.

T 960 6jpg.jpg

6. Effortless cabinet assembly

T1 is specifically designed for shop window creative commercials, with a brand- new module and cabinet architecture design, T1 can be effortlessly assembled, thanks to its light cabinet, it can be either hung of fixed.

Product Parameters

Pixel pitch3.91 - 7.81 mm
LED TypeSMD1415 1R1G1B 3 IN 1
LED Module Size500 x 250 x 15 mm
LED Module Resolution127 x 32 dots
LED Cabinet Size1000 x 500 x 55mm
Cabinet Resolution254 x 64 dots
Screen Pixel32512 dots
Signal Processing 12 - 16 bit
Grey Level4096 - 65536
Refresh Rate> 3840Hz
Scan Mode1/7
Brightness> 5,000 nits
Viewing Distance> 4m
Viewing Angle160 degree
Input Voltage
Max Consumption750W/SQ.M
Ave Consumption225W/SQ.M
Working Temperature-20 degree to 45 degree
Storage Temperature-40 degree to 60 degree
IP RateIP43
Working Humidity10% - 60%
Storage Humidity10% - 90%
Lifespan100,000 hours
Service TypeFront & Rear Service
LED Lamp
Control CardNova TB1 Box
Operation ApproachApp/USD/WIFI


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