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LED Vacuum Tool

Vacuum Tool for sucking LED Modules from Cabinet

Product introduction |

This type of vacuum tool is small and light weight. It is easy to carry with you. It has an excellent ergonomic design for convenient usage.

Cabinet Material:Plastic Handle & Sucker

Application:This type of vacuum tool has unique limit design to protect PCB warpping and LED lamp falling off from module. There is one user-friendly backpack for it to work safely at high places. It also supports using while charging so as to solve the temporarily no power issue. All series of magnetic modules are suitable. 


Durable, Reliable Vacuum Tool

You can turn on the main switch firstly and hold the tool handle part. Put the sucker at the centre of the LED module, then you tap the switch button and you can pull the module out from the cabinet gently. You can use your other hand to hold the module safely. Now, you tap the switch button again to turn off the tool. It is easy to use it.


Long-time Battery Support

This tool is designed with vacuum mediation function. It would depend on the point of space when you maintain LED modules. You can pull the vacuum tool power to control the area of the sucker place. However, it is not suggested to use the sucker in large area when you plan to suck small fine pitch LED modules because it would damage mini LED lamps.

Product Parameters

ItemVacuum Tool
Net Weight0.92kg
Tool Size148x125x150mm
Sucker Size148x125mm
FunctionSuitable for magnetic front service LED display
Charger Voltage100-240V
Charger output voltage25.2V
Max Continuous charging current1.0C 5A
Continuous Discharge Duration20 MIN
Standby Power Consumption10uA
Working Temperature-20 degree to 45 degree
Working Humidity15%-85%

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