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Message LED display

2021.on June 09

Message LED display also known as LED sign, scrolling information LED display is widely used as traffic LED display, LED message display, time and temperature LED display, LED gas price signs and LED signage etc.

Traffic LED display is a new and fast development traffic information board method. Its waterproof design, high brightness and easy real-time message update features makes it a suitable choice used as highway traffic LED display, city road traffic LED screen, crossroad message LED display and airport, bus station, rail station and police traffic LED display etc.

KENSUN traffic LED display ranges from outdoor P10, P16, P20 and P25 single colour, dual colour, and full colour LED screens. It is also naming as monochrome colour LED sign, tri-colour LED signs board.

LED message display provide a dynamic advertising medium and community information platform. It is ideal for situations that needs text, graphics, and basic animations to draw people attention to important message, increase impulse purchases at the point of sale, also LED scrolling message signs provide a continuous state update.

Our message LED signs covers single colour like red, amber, blue, green, and white, tri colour and full colour, and the message LED display size can be customized depending on your project need and budget.

LED message display ranges from indoor P4.75, P6, P7.62, P10 to outdoor P10, P16, P20 etc. They are widely used in bank, hospital, schools, stores, corporate, public place and also as church LED display. We are supplying variety of LED scrolling message signs like 7×50 message LED displays, 7×80 LED display, 7×95 LED sign,7×120 LED signs board,16×64 LED message display,16×80 LED screen,16×96 LED boards and 16×128 LED signs etc. The information is displayed in single line, two lines and multi lines. For any other size requirement, please contact we YUCHIP LED sales for details.

Time and temperature LED display is an excellent method for company and organization public image enhancement. It’s being widely used for eye-catching visual impact and cost-effective feature.

Time and temperature LED displays main feature as below:

1. Utilizing latest LED technology which is energy saving with high brightness for displaying time, temperature, commercial clock etc.

2. Utilizing import temperature sensor from Korea and Japan that support stable and reliable temperature measurement.

3. Outdoor structure that reach IP65 for waterproof and dust-proof.

4. High brightness, utilizing DIP LED Display technology.

5. LED Display size is available as 5inch,6inch,.8inch,10inch,12inch,14inch,

6. 16inch,18inch,20inch and 24inch. It can be installed in different locations.

7. RF remote control which is easy and convenient to edit outdoor LED display as needed.



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