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KENSUN wide range of Number LED Display 30/40/50/6

2021.on June 09

Number LED Display brings your creative ideas to life and communicate with your attendees in one of the most engaging ways possible. As a leading LED display manufacturer, KENSUN offers you a wide range pixel pitch of indoor LED display screen for meeting rooms, conference halls and hotels.

Number LED Display ensures that every one of your attendees receives a first-row experience. The large screens for events literally make every viewing angle a great one.

The LED panel screen indoor can be tailored to the exact shape and size you want. For example, large screen for conference room can be customized as curve, edge and flat LED wall which is the ultimate stand-out display.

For party use, KENSUN offers you fine pixel pitch Number LED Display and event LED rental. Its high resolution brings amazing video clarity and vibrancy to any of your events. As you know, the 4k TV for conference room will make your conference an extraordinary one, and it creates a high-quality picture which retains the same sharp clarity up-close, as it does from far away.

Large LED screen rental always require indoor led screen panel support multiple signal input. For instance, HDMI, SDI(SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI), DP, CVBS and VGA etc. KENSUN wide range of conference room LED display products is capable of multiple signal input and output.

From the opening ceremony and keynote presentation to the breakout and general sessions, all of them can be shown on an indoor LED display screen that fills the entire wall. The event LED screen is so bright that you can use it in full room light or even sunlight. No more summits and meetings in darkened houses.

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