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P6 Outdoor Big LED Display for China Riverside

2021.on November 03

P6 outdoor full colour led display 4.8m W x 2.88m H for big public square plaza is designed for buses to transmit information. With high brightness for over 6,500 nits, it can be served as advertising board to catch pedestrians’ eyes to maximize advertising revenue. Using asynchronous control system, supporting full colour display, it is a new trend and innovative way to advertise.

The outdoor big LED display is an extension of advertising media LED, used for outdoor information announcements, image advertisements, event advertisements, information media. Compared with ordinary LED displays, LED displays for public places, it has higher requirements for stability, anti-interference, anti-vibration.

It is a win-win mode to create new profits for the bus company, but also help businesses to promote to show their brands and products anytime and anywhere.

  • High Brightness

Over 6500 nits of LED display screen, it can remain clear vision when the environment is in strong sunshine.

  • Ultra-robust

All the cabinets are made by 1.8mm metal sheet which can make the screen to be extremely robust and solid.

  • Easy Installation & Maintenance

Module design and self-adhesive function for easily attached to the window with less manpower installation cost. Design of power supply below for easier maintenance.

  • Intelligent Control System

Smart control by 4G and WIFI, support for USB interface, GPS real-time positioning, easily controlled by mobile app anytime and anywhere.

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