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Outdoor Shopping Mall LED Video Display In Australia

2021.on May 26

With the continuous development of the city's economy, we have seen LED displays in more and more shopping malls. LED displays are of great significance for brand promotion and product promotion.


1. Outdoors have high requirements for the brightness of the display.

2. The pure outdoor environment requires the display to have a high level of protection, which can be waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof.

3. Long viewing distance and large screen area.

This Outdoor LED Display Screen already installed more than 5 years, now it works still bright, clear, and vivid. 

Screen size: 6720mm L* 3840mm H

Situation: Adelaide Central Plaza, Australia

Application scenarios: shopping mall exterior walls, physical exterior walls, roofs, etc.


For the outdoor wall environment, the LED outdoor front maintenance display screen can be well dealt with. It has a high protection level of IP65 and can be customized with 10,000-level highlight display. It has good heat dissipation performance. It can also achieve waterproof, dust-proof, fire-proof, low-temperature-proof, and High temperature, lightning protection and corrosion protection, it is the ideal choice for outdoor building exterior wall and building roof display screen construction.

Shopping centre LED 1600x640.jpg


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