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P1.923 Indoor Conference Hall LED Video Wall Display

2021.on June 02

The high definition and high brightness of the LED display in the conference hall are favoured by more and more customers, especially for business customers who have higher and higher requirements for video equipment that represents the brand image and reflects the advanced functions. LED display the screen splicing product combines the most outstanding high-definition, high-brightness and high-colour gamut LED display technology, embedded hardware splicing technology, multi-screen image processing technology, signal switching technology, etc. into one, forming a high-definition, high-brightness, and high-colour gamut LED display technology. Brightness, high definition, low power consumption, long life, advanced LED screen splicing curtain wall display system.

P1.923 Indoor Conference Hall LED Video Wall Display

Screen size: 13.5m L* 1.9m H

Service way: Front service

High Refresh Rate, High Definition

At present, the large-size LED display in the conference hall, high-definition high-brightness image quality, strong focus, multi-functional display can meet people's needs for meetings, enhance the interactive fun of the meeting, and enhance the Informa ionization of the meeting. The application of full-colour LED display large screen is a new mode of modern conferences, perfecting the pursuit of information interactive blending system in the conference room.

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