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P8 Solar VMS Trailer

P8 Solar LED VMS Trailer

Product introduction |

Those LED Kensun has designed this type of Variable Message Signs with the rental industry on purpose, to be used by companies that require both reliable and robust LED equipment. Both the trailer and the screen are built from heavy duty aluminium to avoid rusting and are designed to last for many years. products were widely used in both indoor and outdoor places like hall, hotel, exhibition room, public square, symbols,building and TV stage background and etc.

Cabinet Material:Cast Iron & Aluminium

Application:This type of Solar LED VMS Display can display colourful content and change as you wish. It can be used in all situtions - from displaying a simple traffic message or vehicle speed to showing full colour advertising banners or videos.


Full Colour Solar Mobile Trailer LED Sign

This type of solar mobile trailer LED sign can be made to different dimensions as you wish. There are 2240mm W x 1280mm H, 2560mm W x 1600mm H, 1920mm W x 1280mm H, 1600mm W x 960mm H and etc.


The Benefits of VMS

Our VMS boards come with a wide range of benefits. You can customise your message as you need with remote programming capabilities. It is portable and easy to transport. And, it is durable with high IP-rated, which means they are weatherproof and withstand the harsh outdoor climate whether it be rain, hail or shine.

Product Parameters

 Product     Model     P4.8P5 P6P8P10P10
 Pixel Pitch 4.8mm 5mm 6 mm 8mm 10 mm 10 mm
Driving Mode 1/10 Scan Constant Current 1/8 Scan Constant Current 1/8 Scan 
Constant Current
 1/5 Scan Constant Current 1/2 Scan Constant Current 1/4 Scan Constant Current
 Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B
 LED Type 3-in-1 white 3-in-1 white 3-in-1 white 3-in-1 white 3-in-1 white 3-in-1 white
 Module Size 192×192mm 320×160mm 192×192mm 256×128mm 320×160mm 320×160mm
 Module Pixels 40*40dots 64*32dots 32×32dots 32×16dots 32×16dots 32×16dots
 Module Weight 500g 550g 280g 500g 474g 436g
 Pixel Density43402
 40000 dots/m²27777
 15625 dots/m² 10000 dots/m² 10000 dots/m²
 Viewing Angle H≥140°V≥140° H≥140° V≥140° H≥140° V≥140° H≥140° V≥140° H≥140° V≥140° H≥140° V≥140°
 Max./Avg. Power Consumption 800/250 w/m² 780/260 w/m² 651/217 w/m² 510/250 w/m² 760/450 w/m² 440//260 w/m²
 Brightness ≥5000 cd/m² ≥5000 cd/m² ≥4000 cd/m² ≥4000 cd/m² ≥ 6000cd/m² ≥ 4000cd/m²
 Refresh Rate ≥5580Hz
 Recommended Viewing Distance ≥4.8m ≥5m ≥6m ≥8m ≥10m ≥10m
 Operating Temperature/Humidity -10℃~+40℃/10-80% no condensation
 Storage Temperature/Humidity -20℃~+60℃/10-85% no condensation

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