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Australia LED Video Wall Display For Coffee Shop

2021.on May 26

Coffee Shop LED Video Wall Display Could Satisfying consumers, a colourful and vivid advertising video can enhance the appeal of advertising with its extraordinary aesthetic power, so that consumers can be immersed in the pleasure given by the image of goods and services and make them consciously accept advertising. 

Module size: 160*160mm/320*160mm
Cabinet size: 480*480mm/640*640mm
Screen size: 2880mm L*1440mm H
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Service Way: Front Service
Pitch: P2.5(P2/P2.6/P3/P3.91/P4.81/P4/P5/P6 are available)

On the other hand, the daily traffic of coffee shops is more than that of ordinary shops. When you install a led display screen to play videos in a loop, people will be seen imperceptibly.

Coffee bar LED 1600x640.jpg


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