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P3.91 Outdoor Front Open LED Screen For Berlin Palace

2021.on May 26

The larger the outdoor advertising area, the more eye-catching it is. LED display screens can be spliced arbitrarily, so compared with traditional LCD and DLP, it has a larger area and a wider viewing angle, so it is more eye-catching and has a stronger visual impact.

In addition to the advantages of large screens, outdoor full-colour LED displays can achieve high-definition resolution, rich colours, and more and more delicate. As a collection of sound and light, in addition to rotating pictures, the LED display can also receive a variety of signal transmissions, TV real-time broadcast and dynamic video playback, and further cater to the audience's points of interest.

P3.91 Outdoor Front Open LED Screen
Module Size: 250*250mm
Cabinet Size: 2m L*1m H (Could customized)

Berlin case 1600x900.jpg


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